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Week 32 - The Wise And Foolish Builders -
Bible Time FUN Through the Bible
Kids Bible Lesson 32 - The Wise and Foolish Builders

Welcome to week 32! This week your children learn the story of the wise and foolish builders. Jesus liked to teach crowds with a parable. Parables are short stories Jesus

used to teach people the difference between right and wrong. Jesus told the crowd, it is wise to build on a strong foundation, but foolish to build on a weak foundation. In this lesson, the children learn that Jesus is the strong foundation to build on. Allow Jesus to work through you to create a way for all people to be saved. Have fun learning!

If you haven’t read the introduction to Bible Time yet, I recommend you read the outline about the Bible lessons for children first.

Children's bible lesson about the wise and foolish builders - Key Concepts

The key concepts that we focused on this week are:

  • Jesus is the Rock.

  • Follow the teaching of Jesus.

  • Wise builders follow Jesus.

You can also come up with your own key concepts.

Bible Verse for kids
The Bible verse for this lesson is Matthew 7:24

“everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. ”
This Bible verse should be simple enough for your toddler to memorize after a week of practice.

Bible Story Tips

  • We read “The Wise and Foolish Builders” beginning on page 63 of the children's Bible Storybook called Bible-Time Stories and Rhymes.

  • During the story, draw attention to the key concepts for this lesson.

  • Don't forget to ask questions related to the story, for example, “Which man's house survived the storm?”

  • Throughout the Bible lesson we reiterated how important it is to follow the teachings of Jesus.

  • After the Bible story and discussion session, we stand up and do the interactive rhyme found in the Bible storybook


After the story and rhyme, we say a prayer that is related to the Bible story. You can either have your children repeat after you or allow them to come up with their own prayer.

Bible Song about the wise and foolish builders


bible Activities about the wise and foolish builders

We did different Bible activities each day - related to The Wise and Foolish Builders. We also have a selection of free Bible activities about The Wise and Foolish Builders here.

The Bible Time Family Fun Pack includes all of the Wise and Foolish Builders Bible activities (plus more), printed and arranged for your convenience. Some fun and kid-friendly Wise and Foolish Builders Bible activities include:

The Wise and foolish Builders coloring Page

We talked about how the wise man built his house on the rock and the foolish man built his house on the sand and what the parable means. The girls colored the Wise and Foolish Builders Coloring Page. 


Wise and Foolish Builders Coloring Page.jpg

The rains came down bible experiment

Both men in this story built nice houses. The only difference was the foundation they built their houses on. When the rain cam down and the floods cam up, the only house that was left standing was the house that was built on the rock.

We did a fun demonstration to show the girls the difference between building on a good and bad foundation.

We used the Rains Came Down activity.  

The Rains Came Down 1.jpg

Jesus is my Rock Bible craft

Jesus is the Rock and if we build our lives on his teachings, we will be like the wise man that built his house on the rock. When the storms of life pour down on us we can stand strong.


We made a craft to be a reminder to the girls that they can stand strong with Jesus as their Rock.


This activity can be made by cutting a rock shape out of gray cardstock or construction paper. Cut a circle out of the center of the rock and tape a photo to the back side of the paper. Write, “Stand Strong” and “Jesus is My Rock” on the frame.

(We used the “Jesus is My Rock Bible Craft" found in the Bible Time Family Fun Pack).


Jesus is My Rock Craft 1.jpg
Build Your House on the Lord.jpg

build your house on the Lord craft activity

A good foundation is key to building a strong, sturdy house. If we want to be like the wise man in this story, whose house remained standing after the storm, we have to build on a good foundation. 

During this activity we talked about what it means to build our lives on a strong foundation.

We used the Build Your House on the Lord Activity.

You Rock Bible activity

There is no Rock like Jesus! We can always depend on him no matter what.


We gave the girls an opportunity to make something special for Jesus. They wanted to make a construction paper picture of what they thought it would be like to live with him in heaven. 


We talked about some of the amazing things about Jesus. The girls are learning that they can depend on Jesus for their selves and if they need anything they can ask him.

(We used the “You Rock Activity”  found in the Family Fun Pack.)


Like a Rock.jpg

standing on a rock bible activity

Jesus is taught that a wise man builds his house on a strong foundation. We can build our lives on Jesus by following his teachings and reading his Word daily.


We did a fun demonstration to show how standing on the Rock (Jesus) will keep us from falling.


You can do this activity by following the instructions below:

  1. Make two people using two toilet paper rolls by taping a face and arms to each toilet paper roll, or you can use paper cups.

  2. Place the figures on a smooth surface at the end of a table. 

  3. Tape one of the figures on top of a rock. Make sure it does not fall off the rock. Stand the other figure beside it flat on the table.

  4. Show the children the two figures. Explain that the figure on the rock represents people who trust in God and the other figure represents people who put faith in other things.

The girls took turns blowing as hard as they could and only the figure standing on the rock stood strong. 


We reminded the girls how they can stand firm on the Word of God.

(We used the “Standing on a Rock ”  found in the Family Fun Pack.)

Standing on a Rock 1.jpg
Be Wise.jpg

Be wise bible activity

Jesus wants us to be wise. And we can be wise by following the teachings of Jesus and and making decisions based on these teachings.

We finished up the lesson playing a fun game! The girls learned the difference between being a wise and foolish builder.


We used the Be Wise Activity.

I hope you enjoyed week 32 of Bible Time FUN Through the Bible. Please comment or share using #bibletimefun.


Don't forget, the Bible Time Family Fun Pack includes all these activities, printed for your convenience. Learn more about the Bible Time Family Fun Pack Subscription Box.

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