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Week 18 - The Call of Samuel -
Bible Time FUN Through the Bible
Kids Bible Lesson 18 - The Call of Samuel

Welcome to week 18!

In this Bible lesson your children learn about Samuel and his call from God. When Samuel was about three years old, his parents brought him to the temple to be blessed.

Samuel became both a great leader to the Israelites and a prophet of God. Through this Bible story, the children learn that they are not too young to be used by God and that they must listen carefully when God speaks, because he communicates in many ways.

Have fun learning!

If you haven’t read the introduction to Bible Time yet, I recommend you read the outline about the Bible lessons for children first.

Children's bible lesson about the call of Samuel - Key Concepts
The key concepts that we focused on this week are:

  • No one is too young for God to use.

  • God communicates to us in many ways.

  • We must listen carefully when God speaks to us.

You can also come up with your own key concepts.

Bible Verse for kids
The Bible verse for this lesson is 1 Samuel 3:10

Speak, for your servant is listening”.
This Bible verse should be simple enough for your toddler to memorize after a week of practice.

Bible Story Tips

  • We read “The Call of Samuel” beginning on page 35 of the children's Bible Storybook called Bible-Time Stories and Rhymes.

  • During story, draw attention to the key concepts for this lesson.

  • Don't forget to ask questions related to the story, for example, “What message did the Lord have for Samuel?”

  • The girls saw how God can use them even at a young age.

  • After the Bible story and discussion session, we stand up and do the interactive rhyme found in the Bible storybook

After the story and rhyme, we say a prayer that is related to the Bible story. You can either have your children repeat after you or allow them to come up with their own prayer.

Bible Song about the call of samuel

  • The Bible song for this week is "Rise and Shine".

  • We cast the song from YouTube to the television, so our children can see the motions on the big screen.

bible Activities about the call of Samuel

We did different Bible activities each day - related to the Call of Samuel. We also have a selection of free Bible activities about the Call of Samuel here.

The Bible Time Family Fun Pack includes all of the Bible activities printed for your convenience, learn more here. Some activities included:

the call of samuel bible coloring Page

While our daughters colored the Call of Samuel Bible Coloring Page, we talked about how God called out to Samuel while he was sleeping and he listened.

serving badge bible activity

- Samuel was young, but not too young for God to use him. Samuel grew up and became a great prophet.

- The "Serving Badge" Bible Activity showed the girls several character traits they can adopt, so that God can use them.

listening ears Bible Craft

God had a message for Samuel, so Samuel listened and did what God asked.

- We made the "Listening Ears" Bible craft to remind the girls that they need to listen to God.

- This Samuel Bible craft for toddlers can be made by cutting a band out of construction paper that is large enough to fit around the child’s head. 

- Next, cut out two ear shapes from construction paper, then attach them to the head band. (We used the “Listening Ears Bible Craft" found in the Bible Time Family Fun Pack.)

- While working on this Samuel Bible craft, remind the children that we must listen carefully when God speaks to us.

Speak lord Bible Worksheet

Samuel was sleeping one night, when he heard a voice calling him. He didn’t realize at first that it was the voice of God. Samuel responded, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”


- While the girls worked on the "Speak Lord Bible Worksheet", the girls learned some of the ways the Lord can communicate to us.

- We reminded that our daughters that God can speak to us in many ways.

i can do it Bible activity

Teaching children to help others is a valuable characteristic. They will feel good helping and you might enjoy having a little help.

I gave the girls several opportunities to help around the house. Including folding laundry, sweeping the floor, washing dishes and helping to cook.

As they helped with various tasks throughout the week, I reminded them that they were not too young to do big things!

whole body listening Bible chart

God can speak to us in many different ways through the Bible, the Holy Spirit and even in our dreams.

- Using this Samuel Bible chart, I showed the girls how they can use their whole body for listening. (We used the “Whole Body Listening Bible Chart" found in the Bible Time Family Fun Pack.)

- After the activity, I reminded the girls that we must use our whole body to listen when God speaks to us.

good listening bible printable

Samuel listened when God spoke and he answered saying he would obey. God used Samuel to do many great things during his lifetime.

We used the "Good Listening Bible Printable", to teach the girls how to be good listeners.

I hope you enjoyed week 18 of Bible Time FUN Through the Bible. Please comment or share using #bibletimefun.


Don't forget, the Bible Time Family Fun Pack includes all these activities, printed for your convenience. Check them out below! Learn more about the Bible Time Family Fun Pack Subscription Box.

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