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Bible Time FUN Through the Bible
Kids Bible Lesson 9 - The Story of Joseph

Week 9 we had fun learning the Bible story of Joseph. In this colorful story the children will learn about jealousy, forgiveness and how God can take a bad situation and turn it into something good. They learn that God will never leave them.

Have fun learning about Joseph and his brothers in this colorful adventure!

If you haven’t read the introduction to Bible Time yet, I recommend you read the outline about the Bible lessons for children first.

Children's bible lesson about jOSEPH - Key Concepts
The key concepts that we focused on this week are:

  • Jealousy can cause us to sin.

  • God can create good from a bad situation.

  • God wants us to forgive others as he forgives us.

You can also come up with your own key concepts.

Bible Verse for kids
The Bible verse for this lesson is Genesis 39:2 “The Lord was with Joseph”.
This Bible verse should be simple enough for your toddler to memorize after a week of practice.