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Children's Praise Music | 5 Ways to Add Fun to Your Kids Worship Time | Bible Time Fun

5 Fun Ways to add kid's Worship Music and Bible Songs Throughout The Day

There is a famous quote that says “Music, it feeds the soul”. Have you noticed that if you put something to song, you remember it so easily? That truth rings even greater when it comes to children. Think of all the kids shows. They all have music. The catchier the better.

Many researchers have concluded that musical experiences support the formation of important brain connections in a child’s formative years. Making Bible study a part of that formation through music is an ideal way to “train up a child in the way he should go”. Proverbs 22:6. Music will help them retain and enjoy learning God’s word and memorizing Bible verses.

The Bible instructs parents and those caring for children to teach them God’s word in every aspect of their lives. “You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates” Deuteronomy 11:19-20a.

Music certainly helps make this command not only possible but practical. How cool is it to sing a good morning song, a good night melody or hum a tune while working? Combining music with God’s Word makes memorizing Scripture fun and easy. It can be one of the best ways of explaining the Bible to a child.

We love incorporating Christian worship songs in our family devotion time. Whether it's a Bible songs for kids CD, action Bible songs with hand motions, or Scripture memory verses songs, we often use music in our praise and worship experiences. The following tips are just a few ways you can add music to family devotion time.

1. Add Bible Songs in the Morning

Start your child's day with praise. Playing upbeat Bible songs in the background and singing Bible stories help children start the day out right. The Bible song collections mentioned below are audio CD's that can also be downloaded in MP3 format.

Bible Singalong Collection, by Cedarmont Kids is a fun collection of singalong tracks including 48 classical Bible songs for kids. Teach kids Bible stories, verses, Christian virtues, and values. Kids just love singing along and interacting with the songs while clapping, raising their arms, and marching in place. Some popular songs include: Jesus Loves Me, Dare to Be Daniel, Father Abraham, and My God is So Big.


Kid's Bible Songs - The Best Of, by the Christian Children's Choir is a large collection of kid's Bible song favorites. The songs can be downloaded as one MP3 Album, Favorite Single Songs or they can be purchased as an Audio CD. This children's Bible CD will take you back to your childhood including songs like: "His Banner Over Us", "The Saints Go Marching In", "To God be the Glory", "The B-I-B-L-E" and "Kumbayah". These songs will teach your child about God with lasting memories for them for years to come.


30 Bible Songs and 30 Bible Stories, by the Wonder Kids is a collection of fun Kids Bible Songs that include short interactive Bible stories to accompany each song. This children's Bible songs CD (or MP3) is a must-have for kids to help them learn Bible stories with a song. The great mix of music and stories include some children's favorite Bible songs like: We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder, Noah's Arky Arky, I've Got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, and This Little Light of Mine. Beautiful songs - sung by kids for kids.


2. Add Bible Action Songs with Movement During the Day

The best way of teaching kids the Bible is to make it fun for them to learn. Cedarmont Kids Bible verses and Stories does just that. The following collections are DVDs with over 30 minutes of live-action sing-along Bible song videos. Cedarmont Kids is definitely a plus to add to your child's day and a great option anywhere - at home, in the car, church.

Action Bible Songs, by Cedarmont Kids. This live, action, singalong series, is a fun way to teach kids about reading the Bible. Action Bible Songs feature children singing, dancing, and doing motions along with popular children's action Bible songs including: Onward Christian Soldiers, His Banner Over Me Is Love, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and If You're Happy. Action Bible Songs also include Full-Version with over 30 minutes of Live Action sing-alongs in English and Spanish.


Sunday School Songs, by Cedarmont Kids. This kids music CD has a variety of classic Church favorites including songs like: Standing in the Need of Prayer, Old Time Religion, Oh How I Love Jesus, and Down in My Heart. These timeless, classic children's Bible songs teach young children about God's love. Sunday school songs also includes full versions with over 30 minutes of live action sing-alongs in English or Spanish in stereo and split tracks.


Bible Songs, by Cedarmont Kids is another great lineup of Children's Classic Bible Songs. This Bible song collection includes songs like: Everybody Ought to Know, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho, This is My Commandment. Bible songs has 16 Christian Songs for Kids. This DVD also includes full versions with over 30 minutes of live action sing-alongs in English or Spanish in stereo and split tracks.


3. Wind the day down with Scriptural Lullaby Music

As children need to transition from their busy daily activities to quiet time or bedtime, Scriptural Lullaby Music is an excellent way to take time to relax in the Word. Hidden in My Heart is an audio CD collection of songs of some of the best Bible verses to memorize. This collection has calming music and encouraging scriptures for kids. They are great to play in the morning after devotion and in the evening before bed. This series has many popular Bible verses for children to learn.

Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture, Volume 1 will inspire you with encouraging Bible verse songs about God’s Word. It's not just a lullaby for kids, it is a wonderful collection of scripture to melodious music. The peaceful voice and soft instrumental blend perfect Songs of Scriptures like Be Still and Know, Seek Ye First, I Can Do All Things and Love Is (1 Corinthians 13). Truly Beautiful Music for everyone.


Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture, Volume 2 lets you Experience God’s Word in a Uniquely Gentle Way. This beautiful collection includes easy Bible verses to memorize. Some verses include: The Lord's Prayer, Wonderfully Made, Strength of My Heart and Everything is Possible. “Hidden In My Heart, Volume II” continues from Volume I, with 18 moving Scriptures in 12 heartfelt songs. Just like Volume I, this new collection puts together Scripture into peaceful music for any age.


Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through The Life of Jesus Volume 3 explores new depth in God's Word with a journey through the life of Jesus Christ. This collection of songs have beautiful melodies and easy Bible verses for kids to learn. The words and melodies make their way into your heart and soul to give your child a deeper relationship with Christ. Some songs include: Emmanuel, Beatitudes, He is Risen and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. A calming and uplifting way to calm your child during bedtime.


Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture, Volume 4 of the Scripture lullaby series includes songs like: Create in Me a Clean Heart, Plans I have for You, Think on These Things, and Psalm 91 (In You Will I Trust). The combination of scripture, beautiful melodies, and instrumental performances, make this arrangement set a new standard for Music for the Soul. There are so many excellent Bible verses to memorize.


4. Bible Lesson Stories and Songs with Motion Together

Bible Time! has kids Christian songs and children's Bible videos with hand motions.

Bible Time Youtube channel is a unique entertainment channel where your children can watch Bible-based, Christian video songs! Our fun and engaging songs, stories, crafts, and activities from the Bible, will help teach your kids all about Jesus and the Bible!


Until recently, I would have never thought adding an Echo would be an additional way to add kids Bible Songs and games to our day. It turns out that it's a great way to add Scriptural music, Bible reading, Bible Stories and more, throughout the day. The girls love to play children's church songs and Scripture songs for kids. Who thought teaching kids the Bible could be so much fun?

Create a kids Bible song playlist and ask Alexa to start playing it at any point during the day. You can create multiple playlists; one for morning devotion, afternoon praise, or bedtime lullaby's. You can add thousands of children's Bible songs from Amazon's massive music library with some of the most popular Christian song names. If you don't want to listen to your playlist, simply ask Alexa to play songs about kindness, the best preschool songs, or Christian songs about loving others.

There are also several kids Bible apps like Kid's Bible, YouVersion Kids Bible, Kids Books of the Bible, Kids Bible Verses and Kids Bible Trivia, that help with teaching kids the Bible. The Echo Dot can be easily programmed for child safety.


What are your favorite Bible songs? Please share them in the comments below!


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Check out our Bible Time Subscription Boxes. The kids Bible Subscription boxes are another great way to get your child excited about the Bible. Subscribe today!


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