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Week 19 - Give Us A King -
Bible Time FUN Through the Bible
Kids Bible Lesson 19 - Give Us A King

Welcome to week 19!

In this Bible lesson your children learn about the Israelites’ request for a king.

Up until this point God had been their king and he fought with then during battles and helped them have miraculous victories. The people rejected God as their king because they wanted to be like all the other nations. In this Bible lesson for toddlers, the children learn that God’s ways are best and we should keep our focus on God instead of trying to be like the people of the world.

If you haven’t read the introduction to Bible Time yet, I recommend you read the outline about the Bible lessons for children first.

Children's bible lesson about give us a king - Key Concepts
The key concepts that we focused on this week are:

  • God's way is the best.

  • We should keep our eyes on Jesus.

  • Don’t try to be like the people of the world.

You can also come up with your own key concepts.

Bible Verse for kids
The Bible verse for this lesson is 1 Samuel 8:7

It is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king”.
This Bible verse should be simple enough for your toddler to memorize after a week of practice.

Bible Story Tips

  • We read “Give Us A King” beginning on page 37 of the children's Bible Storybook called Bible-Time Stories and Rhymes.

  • During story, draw attention to the key concepts for this lesson.

  • Don't forget to ask questions related to the story, for example, “Who was Israel rejecting by asking for a king?”

  • Throughout the Bible lesson we reiterated how important it is to follow God's way and not our own.

  • After the Bible story and discussion session, we stand up and do the interactive rhyme found in the Bible storybook

After the story and rhyme, we say a prayer that is related to the Bible story. You can either have your children repeat after you or allow them to come up with their own prayer.

Bible Song about Give Us A King

  • The Bible song for this week is "He is the King of Kings".

  • We cast the song from YouTube to the television, so our children can see the motions on the big screen.

bible Activities about Give us a king

We did different Bible activities each day - related to Give us a King. We also have a selection of free Bible activities about Give us a King here.

The Bible Time Family Fun Pack includes all of the Bible activities printed for your convenience, learn more here. Some activities included:

give us a king bible coloring Page

While our daughters colored the Give us a King Bible Coloring Page, we talked about how Samuel listened to the request of the people of Israel and anointed Saul as king.

trust the heart bible activity

The Israelites chose Saul because he was tall and handsome. They also thought that Saul would fight for them and protect them. God knew Saul’s heart and tried to warn the people of Israel, but they did not listen.

The girls decorated a heart craft to serve as a reminder to trust God’s judgment, because he looks at the heart.

The Trust the Heart Bible Activity taught the girls that we sometimes look at peoples outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. It is important to trust God's judgment and not our own.

King's Crown Bible Craft

The Israelites did not realize they had something special. God blessed and allowed them to be prosperous, but they wanted to be like the other nations. The Israelites lost more than they gained.

- We made a Crown Bible Craft to remind the girls that that God is our king.

- This Saul Bible craft for preschoolers can be made by cutting a crown shape out of construction paper. You can allow the children to color and staple the crown to fit their head. (We used the “Kings Crown Bible Craft" found in the Bible Time Family Fun Pack.)

- While working on this kids Bible craft, we reminded the girls that God is the King of all kings

God's Ways Bible worksheet

God warned the Israelites what would happen if they got a king. The Israelites didn’t listen, so they chose a man named Saul to be their king.


- While the girls had fun working on the "God's Way Bible Worksheet", the girls learned that when they do things God’s way, it will make God happy.

Eyes on Jesus Bible Game

When when we keep our eyes on Jesus, we are following the right path.


We wanted to play a fun Bible game that would help the girls understand what it means to stay focused.

First, we explained to the children that we must keep our eyes on Jesus, not on the distractions of this world.

We started the game by tossing a ball for them to hit with a bat.


After the game, you can explain how important it is to focus on Jesus, just like in a baseball game.

the king's demands Bible craft activity

After God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, He gave them rules to be prosperous. The Israelites later rejected God for an earthly king.

- For this Bible activity for toddlers, I made a chart that helped the girls to see the difference between God’s commands as king and a man’s commands as king. 

- To begin, you should read the Bible verses that reveal the king’s demands of the people and God’s demands of the people (1 Samuel 8:10-18).

- Next, draw or use cutouts to represent the demands of each.

- Finally, put each demand on the chart to help the children to see the demands side by side. (We used the “King's Demand Bible printable" found in the Bible Time Family Fun Pack.)

- After the craft activity I reminded the girls that God's ways are always best.

Good Character bible printable

The Israelites wanted a king so they could be like the other nations. It made God sad because up to that point he was their king, but he gave them what they asked for.

We used the "Good Character Review Bible Printable", to show the girls what characteristics make a good king.

After the activity, we reminded the girls that God wants us to display a good character.

I hope you enjoyed week 19 of Bible Time FUN Through the Bible. Please comment or share using #bibletimefun.


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