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Bible-Time Stories and Rhymes is a Biblical collection of 52 inspirational stories, one for each week of the year.

Children are introduced to the stories and characters of the Bible through colorful hand painted illustrations, simplified Bible stories, and interactive rhymes that make the stories come alive.


Written by a busy mom, this 52-week journey through the Bible fits into any schedule providing a fun and interactive Bible story in as a little as 10 minutes. Children as young as two years old will learn how God created the world, why Noah built an ark, who Jesus is and why he is called the good shepherd and much more. Plus, each Biblical tale includes a new and exciting rhyme to help children remember the story in a fun way.

Learn, interact and rhyme with Bible-Time Stories and Rhymes! The storybook that instills God's Word and brings the Bible to life all at the same time.

Bible Time Stories and Rhymes Storybook

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Bible-Time Stories and Rhymes has beautiful original water color illustrations.

    Author: Claire Evans

    Hardcover Book

    104 Pages

    Size 6”x9”



  • Will ship within 3-5 busniss days

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