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Part 4: Be Careful Little Feet | FUN Ways to Teach Your Children to Walk in God's Will

Be Careful Little Feet

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:15

Paul in quoting Isaiah 52:7 brings to the forefront that the good news can only be preached when people are sent to preach it. The feet of those who share the gospel are described as lovely, because they carry, so to speak, the vessel possesses the good news.

I had such fond memories of returning home after being away for a while, or meeting with friends that I had not seen in while. It never failed, as soon as we saw each other for the first time one of us would start screaming in glee or shaking our bodies in jubilation. If you are not that excitable then how about when you come home after a long day and your pet is super excited to see you. Yeah that feeling of glee because the arrival is such good news.

The description of the feet as beautiful or lovely, depending on the Bible version, evokes excitement, joy and glee. Does your arrival do that for others? When you enter the room are people happy to see you? Do they expect you to have good news? Not worldly good news but The Good News, news of God’s love, His sacrifice and the blessings of obedience to Him. Does your presence at home make your children happy?

The song says “Be careful little feet where you go.” Usually the idea proposed is to not go the places God does not want you to. But what if we think about it as being careful to go where He does. Then there would be purpose for your arrival. Truly your presence would bring good news.

Teaching our children to always be about their heavenly Father’s business is not just a good idea but it is our duty. Train up a child in the when he/she should go, says Proverbs 22:6. The way that they should go is in the place God tells them. Their steps are with purpose. Who they choose to play with, how they choose to spend their time, what they choose to do in any situation, governed by God. That is not just a dream, it is what God desires for you and for your child.

So how can we teach our children to walk in the will of God? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Give Bible examples. There are many Bible stories that showed the success of men, women and even children, who followed the will of God. Some examples are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, and Daniel just to name a few. Read these kids Bible stories and talk about what they did to walk in the will of God and what the outcome was.

  2. Do character building activities. By working on social and emotional learning through character building, you will inspire kids to be the best them, contributing positively to society while also experiencing personal growth. One of our favorite go to websites for character building is Kid's of Integrity. They have several FREE kid's Bible lessons that help parents instill Christ-honoring character traits in their children.

  3. Find out what pleases the Lord. Ephesians 5:10 (NLT) says, "Carefully determine what pleases the Lord." What does Paul tell believers to do? Find out what pleases the Lord. How do believers find out what pleases the Lord? Spend time daily reading/studying God’s word, praying and obeying. Teach your children to do these things by setting an example yourself.

When we walk with God daily, having a personal relationship with him, we will understand what his will is and he will help us to avoid making bad choices.

How do you teach your children to walk in God's will?

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