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Easy Scriptures for Children to Learn | FREE ABC Memory Verses Through the Bible | Matthew 7:7

When my husband and I decided to create our own children's devotional book and activities, found at, we did it because we wanted our family devotional time to be impactful and fun. Yes they were learning about God, yes they would be memorizing Bible verses, and yes they would be learning stories of faith, morality and creation. But none of those things require the exclusion of fun.

We are amazed by how well the girls know the Bible stories, can navigate through the Bible and most importantly how much they love God's Word. Teaching children Bible verse can be simple and fun. Check out our FREE Bible Study Resources and download our FREE ABC Bible Scripture Cards (click the link below). Also be sure to check out our blog series on Making Bible Study Fun, where we share our fun tips for teaching our children about God.

Also, check out our Bible Time Subscription Boxes. Each month your family will receive a box filled with Bible-based interactive activities, songs, rhymes, prayers and more! These fun subscription boxes are sure to make your kids love learning about the Bible.

Join the Bible Time Fun! Choose the age-appropriate subscription box, select the number of children and enjoy!

Don't forget to click the link below to download the FREE ABC Bible Scripture Cards which includes easy-to-memorize Bible memory verses for each letter of the alphabet.

For more fun ideas visit the Bible Time Fun Facebook page


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