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July Bible Time F-U-N Newsletter - Fun Facts and News you Can Use


Did you know that the armor’s breastplate, worn by soldiers in biblical times, was often composed of a solid piece of metal. However it was not uncommon for some breastplates to contain numerous small pieces sewn to cloth or leather that overlapped like fish scales. These scales could number up to 1,000 per “coat.” When the sun shone directly on the armor, it could get so hot that the soldiers burned, or the scales moving about were so sharp they could pinch and cut the skin. To avoid these unfortunate mishaps the soldiers always wore a sturdy robe under the armor. (taken from, “The Armor of God” Article)


We are cautioned to put on the whole armor of God. Interestingly, the text says that we must put on the armor, not that God will put the armor on us. I point this out because far too many times we want the work to just be done, but we have not engaged our own God given abilities to do it. Here is what I mean. Each piece of clothing Paul mentions symbolizes the spiritual necessities. I cannot take up Truth if I don’t know it. I cannot quote scripture from the Bible if I have never read it. I cannot exercise faith if I refuse to do what God has asked because I don’t see the answer. As parents we are engaged in a battle for the soul salvation of our children. Let's be prepared for war, because with God we will win.

We must ensure that we look at life through the light of God and when we cannot see, he promises to always speak to us to guide us when it seems dark. Our hands should be about the work of God so that when we arrive others will be blessed that our feet have brought us to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


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