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April Bible Time F-U-N Newsletter - Fun Facts and News you Can Use


Did you know the Bible doesn’t mention King David losing any battles? What was his secret? There are many examples of David prior to being King asking God who he should fight and will he win on loose. His first move was to consult God before going into battle. Sometimes he would have to go on the run and other times he would fight. What if we consulted God before every decision and was willing to walk away even when our pride was offended or our well being in jeopardy?


At the height of King David’s reign he failed epically by conspiring to have Uriah killed so that he could commit adultery by taking his wife for his own. But God sent a prophet to the king and David immediately was convicted of his sin and repented. He admitted wrong and then intently and earnestly sought God. He humbled himself. This was why he was a man after God’s heart. Not because he did not sin but because when he did sin, he was prepared to repent and run back to God. In the same way, Esther was willing to run to God but she had a different motive. She came on behalf of God’s people. The famous quote “and if I perish, I perish” shows such humility. She recognized that her purpose is whatever God wants it to be. For her that was the goal, to do as God wanted.

It is through this lineage of humility, absolute love for God, and constant willingness to obey that the Son of Man is born. Jesus, through the line of David displayed the greatest degree of humility in dying on the Cross. Through his death we are more than just men and women after his heart, we are now restored to his very image, character and likeness if we accept the gift of salvation. The sacrifice of Christ was so pregnant with love that it birthed an everlasting plan to secure our victorious re-entry into the kingdom of heaven as a human race. Who could understand this immense plan? It was far above human comprehension so God lovingly and mercifully gave us signs, symbols and testimonies of it. We see these lessons throughout the entire sacrificial system and traditions of the sanctuary. He condensed the message for our understanding in a way where we could touch, see, smell and taste what He was prepared to do for us. He wanted to dwell among us so that we could understand him.


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