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Part 1: The Anatomy of the Bible: Old and New Testament | FUN Ways to Teach the Bible to Children

The Anatomy of the Bible: Old and New Testament

Making the decision to study the Bible with your child or even for yourself can seem like such a daunting task. How many of us have asked, where do I start, how should I study, maybe even, what Bible should I use? I mean people have been studying the Bible for hundreds of years and they still don't know everything. But guess what, that is fabulous news. Now I know that seems like an odd conclusion, but if you think about it, how could God be God if we could understand everything about Him and His book and explain it all? The mere fact that this is a book worthy of hundreds of years of studying speaks to his divine origin.

Nevertheless that still leaves you and I with the question of how to approach Bible study, specifically with a child. Well that is where a brief lesson on the anatomy of the Bible may come in handy.

STEP ONE: First understand how the Bible is constructed. Knowing this will give you a good idea of what is the context for the book in the Bible that you are reading.

STEP TWO: Be honest about what you or your child is struggling and endeavor to study regarding that issue or concern. If it's an anger problem, then get verses on that topic. Based on where the verses are found you would better understand the context of the message.

STEP THREE: Use Bible tabs to help you stay organized in your study.

Below is a brief description of how that Bible is constructed.

The first 39 books of the Bible consist of the Old Testament. This part of the Bible contains the creation’s story, the laws of God, the history of God’s chosen people, the prophecy of major and minor prophets and words of wisdom in the form of poetry and song.

The last 27 chapters make up the New Testament. Here we find the gospel (good news of Jesus), history of the new church, the movements of that newly formed church, letters by Paul and others to the Christian churches and the revealing of Jesus Christ through prophecy. This FREE Books of the Bible Breakdown can help.

There are so many awesome songs to help memorize the books of the Bible. We like the Books of the Old Testament and the Books of the New Testament Bible songs by the Wonder Kids. There are also lots of great activities to make understanding the Bible fun for the family. I also found several FREE books of the Bible games at

Download our FREE Rainbow Books of the Bible Tabs to teach your kids how to navigate through the Bible.

Books of the Bible Tabs
Download • 1.29MB

Also, here's a FUN hands on way to learn the breakdown of the Old and New Testament.

Old Testament New Testament Books of the
Download • 12.39MB

How do you teach your children about the Bible? Please share in the comments below!

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