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Part 2: The Anatomy of the Bible: God's Acts of Love Throughout | Teaching Gods Love in His Word

The Anatomy of the Bible: Teaching God's Love Throughout

In studying the Bible or sharing its passages with a loved one, friend, stranger or even enemy, if our primary focus is not to introduce or show Jesus Christ, the love of God and the working of the Holy Spirit, then our study, lesson or sermon has lost its power. Sure it can produce feelings, but like the seasons, feelings change and fade away.

The entire Bible is about God’s love for us and the deliverance brought to the world by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” How do we lift up Christ, by living the Word of God. How do we live the Word of God, by knowing what the Bible says and through a submissive heart yield to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So it is lives, fully connected and committed to doing what God said to do. It is not in the great wonders done without any mention of God or even in the name of God but in violation of his Word. God will never ask us to violate his Word in order to honor him.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because [you have] rejected knowledge, I will also reject [you], that [you shall not be] priest to me: seeing [you have] forgotten the law of [your] God, I will also forget [your] children.” Hosea 4:6

What a warning to us as parents. See the lack of knowledge was willful. The Isrealites could have learned God’s will, they had all the opportunities and writings and yet they made no effort to seek God or to lift him up even to their children. How much more are we accountable? With all the resources we have at our fingertips, we can lift up Christ in our home.

This is what makes the Bible so special, that it shows us Christ, God’s love in every book, chapter, page and story and it is in our grasps. We don’t have to go to anyone else to get it. In Paul’s second letter to Timothy he tells him to “study to show yourself approved.” 2Timothy 2:15. Timothy was a youth when Paul met him and now Paul is instructing him to study on his own. The call of God is personal. Thus we must teach our children that God wants personal time with them so that they may know God personally.

The Bible will teach us the history of God’s love and sacrifice, the law that is meant to show us sin so that we dwell with a perfect God, the prophecies that warn of us the dangers that is to come thus we can avoid them and provides us wisdom to make decisions which will bring us into a closer love relationship with God. And that’s just the Old Testament. In the New Testament we can learn how Christ selflessly saved us from our sins, that we can live a holy and godly life as shown by the early church, and again what the result will be for those who reject such perfect love and choose death instead.

So how do we show God’s love in every kids Bible study? Below are 3 tips you can use to get you started in teaching God’s love each time you study his Word.

Tip 1: Have a Bible study plan for kids in place before you begin. Working out a study plan helps you to keep the big picture in mind without getting lost in the fine details of the story. Check out Bible Time's 52 weeks of kids Bible study lessons with FREE activities.

Tip 2: Use biblical accounts that are of interest to your child. If they like a particular Bible story start there and then work around that. Give background information as this will help them imagine a real God working in people’s lives. For example, if they like the story of David and Goliath tell them more about David and how God reached out to him. Talk about the history of the Philistines and how as a people they rejected God. Bible Time Stories and Rhymes is a great kids Bible story book with easy to read Bible stories and interactive rhymes that are great for your toddler or preschool aged children.

Tip 3: Live the lessons. Perhaps that goes without saying but it still needs to be said. We cannot teach with just words. If we are teaching about why God took the kingdom from Saul, because he was willfully disobedient, we ourselves must be humble and obedient and require obedience, which if neglected will be met with consequences.. Otherwise, God’s word will be ignored because they are not seen in the home.

Showing God’s loving and perfect character in every Bible study with your child leads the heart to surrender to a Savior they can trust and love in return. This is the thread that holds the entire bible together, all 66 books written over 3 continents, by nearly 40 different people, over 1,500 years. We can trust God that he will reveal himself to each child as we lead them through the story of God’s love.

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How do you teach your children about the Gods love throughout the Bible? Please share in the comments below!

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