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June Bible Time F-U-N Newsletter - Fun Facts and News you Can Use


Did you know that the first recorded foot washing in the Bible was when Abraham was visited by heavenly beings who later foretold Isaac's birth and Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction? In Genesis 18, Abram asked the heavenly beings to not pass by but to stay, have their feet washed and allow him to prepare a meal for them. And they said yes. Abraham was careful to be on the lookout for messengers from God. He was careful in his preparations to receive them and act in accordance with graciousness and because of that God’s presence dwelled with Him.


Be careful little eyes, be careful little ears, be careful little feet, be careful little hands… Your Father up above is looking down in tender love. God’s gaze is one of tender care and concern. To protect you from needless harm and pain and keep you in His perfect peace. What if we considered that we are to be careful to do what God desires? What if our focus shifted from the things that could hurt us to the things that would give God glory. For example Abram was careful to leave everything he had behind and walk to ….somewhere. He did not know where at the time. From the human perspective that seemed careless and foolish. Or what about Hosea who married the harlot? Certainly that made no sense and he brought so much misery on himself. Nevertheless, was he not being careful to do as God had instructed so that a nation, even greater, a recorded history, could be given a literal account of what God does for us?

We must ensure that we look at life through the light of God and when we cannot see, he promises to always speak to us to guide us when it seems dark. Our hands should be about the work of God so that when we arrive others will be blessed that our feet have brought us to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


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