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Part 4: My Body, God’s Temple: Respecting Others | Teaching Children to Respect Others

Respecting Others

"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35

The attractiveness of being a Christian is only seen in the love displayed. True, genuine, unconditional love. Love that remains even when it is not returned, appreciated or accepted. The kind of love that is not dependent on circumstances, advantages, or adversity, but that does what is right even if that means foregoing a right by the one giving. Only God can give this kind of love, only He can fill us with this kind of love for others.

Knowing that our bodies are the temple of God, He designed it in his image for His purpose so that he may dwell within us, then and only then can we look at others and see their value to God. No longer are we looking to see how valuable someone will be to us: what do they add to my life, but rather the perspective becomes how can I show them their value to God. Loving someone means you start with value and importance. It is imputed to them. You never start from a place of nothing and the person must prove their worth. Jesus bought us for a precious price, how could I question another human being's worth based on size, age, health, economics, background or color.

Having respect for God’s creation means being concerned about the wellbeing of that creation. Treating it honorably as God designed it to be treated. Our bodies were designed for His purpose. Thus God should be consulted and make decisions on all things concerning this temple. We are to love each other because we are loving the God that made all humankind.

As we teach our children to love each other, we must teach them why, because God first loved us and made us according to our purpose. Knowing that, the love can be extended to anyone, regardless of appearance, culture, or similarity. They would embrace God given differences and shun attitudes of excluding others from the fold of true fellowship for we are indeed equal in God’s eye.

The identifying mark of God’s people will be the love they have for each other. This is not an exclusive club for we are to God out and make disciples of all nations. That means eventually everyone would have had the opportunity to see love to have experienced it. Let us teach our children to not be ashamed or timid in showing God’s love to everyone.

Here are some ways we can encourage sharing God’s love:

  1. Share God's love with words of encouragement. Everyone we meet is carrying some kind of burden. Even the most “put-together” people have something weighing them down. How can we help to lift someone’s burdens? It can be as simple as words of encouragement. Teach your children how encouraging others can strengthen their hope and faith and their resolve to keep going.

  2. Share a smile. Smiling at someone is an unconscious invitation for them to smile back, sending a wave of positivity that creates a cyclical effect of happiness. And the best part is that this happiness is contagious. Sharing a smile can go a long way for sharing God's love. Best of all, it’s easy and it’s FREE!

  3. Teach your children the fruits of the Spirit. When we display the fruits of God's Spirit in our actions and behaviors, we can let others know who God is by showing his loving characteristics. Help your children to memorize the fruits of the Spirit so they can have in their hearts at all times.

  4. Learn Bible verses about God's love. First Corinthians 13 is a popular chapter that teaches us about God's love. Download this FREE activity to help your children learn about God's love so they can share it with others.

Remind the children that we can be a light to others and show God's love by being loving and kind. Listen to Bible Time's Song, "This Little Light of Mine." Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more FUN Bible songs for kids!

How do you teach your children to respect, honor and share God's love with others?

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Part 4: My Body, God’s Temple: Respecting Others

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