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Part 4: Making Bible Study Fun: It's a Family Affair | How to Make Family Devotion Fun and Engaging

When my husband and I decided to create our own children's devotional book and activities, found at, we did it because we wanted our family devotional time to be impactful and fun. Yes they were learning about God, yes they would be memorizing bible verses, and yes they would be learning stories of faith, morality and creation. But none of those things require the exclusion of fun. So we came up with an acronym for our devotional time. Whenever we say ABIDE our kids know it's time for family devotion and time for fun experience in Christ. The concepts we tried to implement are given in this Making Bible Time Fun 4 part article series.

A - Activity with the family. We are together asking God's presence in our midst. No phones, no computers, no TV, just us with our Bibles, arts and crafts, coloring or whatever we are using to help illustrate or learn the lesson for that devotion. See “Making Bible Time Fun: Creativity is Key.”

B - Bible Study is key. We not only read the Bible but we study it. Family devotion is a great time for the children to ask questions and we can all look in the Bible to find the answers. My girls often ask if they could retell a Bible story which my husband and I gladly agree too. This way they are checking their own accuracy and memory. See “Making Bible Time Fun: Memorizing Bible Verses.”

I - Invocation with God. Prayer time is so crucial because without the aid of the Holy Spirit we cannot truly understand God’s word. So praying and asking for that guidance reminds us as a family how much we need God.

D - Discussion time. We can share our thoughts and feelings on the lesson or on past lessons. Take notes during discussion time. It could provide great topics for the next family devotion.

E - Experience God's presence. Be intentional about asking your children and yourself, what has God done in your life. What prayer did he answer, or perhaps what Bible story do you most relate to? Emphasizing that one must have an experience with God enforces the truth that God is real and desires to connect with each of us and allow us to feel his presence in our lives. Using songs can be a way to help you and your child express emotions and enjoy time with God and family. It can unite you literally by bringing your voices together and spiritually by lifting your hearts towards heaven. See “Making Bible Time Fun: The Joy of Music.”

Family devotion should not be an afterthought, especially for our children. When you plan and prepare, the entire family will have a more fulfilling experience. It will not only affect your time together in a positive way for devotion but it will spill over into all aspects of your family life.

For a great way to start or create a more interactive family devotional time check out the link below.

How do you make Bible Time FUN as a family? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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Part 4: Making Bible Study Fun: It's a Family Affair | How to Make Family Devotion Fun and Engaging

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