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Part 3: Making Bible Study Fun: Creativity is Key | Five Creative Ways to Learn the about the Bible

I was once asked, “how can you make Bible Study fun?” My response was that you are limited only by your imagination. Think about it, the Creator of the entire universe, as a gift to humankind, condensed his God-Son into human form and then condensed His works and words into a single book. First that is an unimaginable amount of condensing and second that means the expansion available to learn about this God is infinite. We have creation, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us and we have the recorded life of Jesus and his followers. With all that, how could studying the Bible not be exciting and fun?

Here are just five (to get you started) ways you can make Bible time fun for your kids and yourself.

1. Open the Bible. Whether you are using a book or an app, read or listen to a Bible story. I love to read stories (and have them read to me) with the different voices or sound effects. I personally love the bible app I can play the audio version and hear the waves crashing and elephants trumpeting during the Noah’s ark story. My kids love it just as much as I do. But even if you do not have the app, read the stories, let your kids make up voices and do the sound effects themselves. They can even act out the stories as you read. Having the stories come alive makes it all the more enjoyable. This would make for a family time activity.

2. Get really cool crafts. I have yet to meet a child that is not fond of scissors or glue. Let them cut out, color, draw, build and stick their Bible stories to their hearts’ content. Having coloring sheets and ready made craft activities makes fun time so much easier. It also provides a tangible way to memorize the verses and concepts that your child is learning about. Check out "Making Bible Time Fun: Memorizing Bible Verses."

Click HERE for FREE Bible Time crafts and activities!

3. Sing songs. I don’t know about your kid but mine can only enjoy a song if they are singing it at maximum volume. Teach them the songs about Jesus, obedience and faith. You will be amazed at how those songs will come back to their minds in the moments most needed. Check out "Making Bible Time Fun: The Joy of Music" for more great ideas.

Click HERE for FREE Bible songs!

4. Play family games. I thoroughly enjoy the games on Bible Games Central. The games are geared towards all ages so everyone in the family can have their favorite. I also really enjoy the seasonal games they have. With a seasonal twist the family can enjoy the holiday and still continue to enjoy wholesome family fun while learning about God.

5. Watch a Bible movie. There are no shortages of children’s television programming that are faith filled, education and inspiring. Let’s be real, sometimes time is just not on the parent’s side and the crafts did not get done, the songs cannot be found or reading is just not an option at the moment. Having a wholesome alternative that can not just entertain but educate and inspire is just what is needed. I highly recommend Yippee TV It’s a great alternative to YouTube with no ads and no “suggestions” for the children that you may not approve of. Use the PROMO code BIBLETIME or click HERE to try YIPPEE for two months at 50% off.

How do you make Bible Time FUN and CREATIVE? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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Part 3: Making Bible Study Fun: Creativity is Key | Five Creative Ways to Learn about the Bible

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