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Daily Bible Verse About Wickedness - Bible Time - Bible Verses

Proverbs 21:29

The wicked put up a bold front, but the upright give thought to their ways.

Key Thought

When we harbor wickedness in our hearts, there are all sorts of "fronts" we have to keep up so people won't know the truth about us.

But if righteousness is our aim, we'll try to live up to that goal with honesty. When we blow it, we'll be honest and ask forgiveness, learning from our mistakes. We won't put up a facade.

We know that even though we're flawed, God is not through working on us yet!


Thank you, God, for the many times you have forgiven me. Help me to live an honest, upright life, bringing glory to you in what I do, what I say, and how I treat others. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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