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“The Pressure of Temptation ” Craft


When the serpent told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, the temptation was too strong for Eve to resist. If we are not careful, temptation can suck us into its hold too, and cause us to sin. In this activity, you will do an experiment that will demonstrate how temptation can suck us in and how our only way out is God.


• Balloon partially filled with water • Glass bottle • Match • Strip of paper

• Straw


•Find a glass bottle with a smaller opening at the top. •Fill a balloon to a little larger than the opening of the jar. •Rub a little water around the rim on the bottle.

•Have the children try to push the balloon into the bottle.

•Light a small strip of paper and drop it into the bottle.

•Quickly place the balloon back on top of the bottle.

•After the balloon is sucked into the jar, have the children try to remove the balloon from the jar. (It’s not possible to remove without the straw.)

Put the straw inside the bottle and easily pull the balloon out.

The physics: The warmer air on the inside of the bottle takes up more room than cool air. Once the re goes out, after putting the balloon on top of the bottle, the air cools and then takes up less room. That makes more space inside the bottle causing the pressure of the air from the outside to push the balloon into the bottle.

Biblical application: Explain to the children that the balloon represents you and me. The re and pressure on the inside of that bottle are like the pressure and temptation we encounter each day of our lives. And the straw is God, who always provides a way out. Even when we are tempted to sin, God will forgive us.

Explanation: Remind the children that God forgives us even when we sin.forgive us.


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