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Tools to Tackle Temptation: Teaching Your Child About Temptation

Temptation is a part of life. We all face it at some point. Our children are more impulsive when it comes to making decisions. Temptation is not sin, but it is what leads us to sin. So how do we set our children up for success when the threat of temptation is lurking? Here are three tools your child can use when dealing with temptation.


It’s never too early to teach your children to depend on God. They can learn that when they need God they can pray and he will deliver them from any situation. A child can learn from an early age that God will answer their prayers too. This will build their relationship with God and teach them to trust him more.


Quoting the Word of God reminds us who is in control. We can use Gods Word to fight against the enemy’s attacks. Equip your child with simple scriptures that they can use when they feel they are being tempted to sin.


Talk to your children about what temptation is and let them know that we are all tempted. Explain temptation in a way that your children will understand and talk about its consequences. An informed child has more opportunity for success. There are many games and activities that can help you teach your child temptation in a fun way. Here’s an experiment that teaches how temptation sucks us in!

Giving our children tools to tackle temptation will help them to be better prepared to overcome it. We will not always be able to influence their decisions so we need to teach them to make the best decisions for their future. If we lead our children by example they will follow.


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