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Making Prayer Time Fun for Kids - Five Creative Ideas to Teach Children to Pray - Bible Time

Have you ever noticed the simplicity in a child’s approach to prayer? They pray for pets, friends, moms, dads, and whatever else may be on their minds and then they say “Amen.” I love to hear my children pray. It’s with such honesty and genuine expectation that they can say what they truly feel and be truly heard.

Matthew 18:4 says “So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” (New Living Translation) Perhaps one of the greatest blessings of childhood is the ability to humble oneself. And prayer, is it where we can truly humble ourselves before God, giving him praise, telling him our greatest needs and lifting up those in need. Teaching our children the importance of prayer is a lesson in humility and love, humbleness on our part and great love from God. Such an important lesson should not be over complicated.

Point 1: Teach them that Prayer is their way to reach GOD! Children can be inspired to hear the many accounts of Bible heroes who lived long ago that prayed to the same God they are praying to today. When children read how God listened and answered, they can be even more encouraged that he will listen to and answer them. So read the Bible to them and emphasize how others prayed.

Point 2: Teach them the prayers of the Bible. Sometimes kids do not know what to say. Sometimes, they are unsure of what they are feeling just like adults. Knowing a recitable prayer is a great way to build confidence and to learn God’s word. Teach them the “Our Father” prayer and the many prayers written by King David in Psalms or one from the many prophets and kings throughout the Bible. If your child is dealing with a specific issue, look for Bible verses that address that issue and teach him or her to say it as a prayer.

Point 3: Teach them an easy way to remember what to pray for. This helps them with the subject of their prayers but allows them to choose their own words and build confidence in developing an active prayer life based on more than memorization but an intentional desire to commune with God. The five (5) finger prayer is a good tool to help with that. HERE is a great activity to get you started with the 5 finger prayer.

Point 4: Teach them by your example. If you believe in the power of prayer, so will they. Pray for everyday things and then give thanks to God when he provides the answer. If you lose your keys or phone, invite them to pray with you that God will help you find it. When you do find it, stop and tell God thank you. When they observe your personal relationship with God, then they too will readily believe that God is equally interested in their emergencies.

Point 5: Teach them to pray early. It is never, never, never too early to start teaching a child to pray. If John the Baptist could be filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother's womb and leap then a child at any age can see examples of prayers and their hearts molded towards a relationship with God.

In the same way it is never too early to learn to pray, it is also never too late. Start your own prayer journey now and include your children. Let the theme of your prayer life be “But truly God has listened, he has attended the voice of my prayer.” Psalms 66:19

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