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FREE Children's Thanksgiving Day Craft - Easy Paper Bag Turkey Puppet for Kids | Bible Time Fun

Thanksgiving is here! What joy!

I love Thanksgiving. I love the togetherness, the food, the family and the chance to reflect on where God has brought my family and I from. That does not mean that life is a bed of roses or that my current place of one of glee, peace and fun. I may still be experiencing the pain life brings, battling losses and addressing challenges, but God has brought me through and continues to bring me through it all. Reflecting on God and being thankful for His goodness and His grace makes the tragedies of life fade into the background of His glory.

Teaching our children to give thanks is not just having them count all the stuff they have or the material things that made them momentarily happy. Making a note of all the things we are thankful for is a way to show gratitude and contentment even when things are not the way we want them. If we can still be grateful and appreciative in difficult times then what a testimony we can share about God’s perfect character in a sinful world.

Here's a simple Thanksgiving activity you can do with your little ones or young at heart. It's a fun way to get the conversation started about why we are thankful. I hope you enjoy it and it opens the hearts of everyone to give God praise and gratitude for the blessings in your life. Happy Thanksgiving!


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