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Daily Bible Verse When You're Feeling Stressed - Bible Time - Bible Verses

Psalm 143:1

O LORD, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.

Key Thought

Some days are just plain tough!

We feel overwhelmed. Those we care about are hurting. Our plans aren’t working. We have prayed and cried, gone sleepless nights, and still there are no answers.

What do we do?

We go to God's Word. God’s Word is filled with many promises. Promises that God hears us and is faithful to help us in our time of trouble. He promises to help us carry those burdens that are too heavy for us to bear. When we read his Word and stand on these promises we can feel relief while we wait for God to work in our lives.

Some Psalms that help me through tough times are Psalm 46, Psalm 69, Psalm 142 and Psalm 143. God’s word never fails.


Faithful God, loving Father, help me to remember to lean on your promises in my time of need. Please be near me, and help me see your answer to my prayers. Amen.

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