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Bible Time Treasure Hunt

bible time treasure hunt

Now is a perfect time to build scripture memory with your family & ministry. The bible time scripture cards make learning Bible verses fun and easy for children to comprehend.

Join Baba on his Bible Scripture Treasure hunt for a chance to WIN a set of Bible Time ABC Scripture Cards!

Follow the steps below to get started: 1. Go to and sign up (So you can access all hidden pages) 2. Find the 3 images below hidden on the Bible Time website 3. Click on each Treasure you find to submit to Bible Time 4. Share your findings on Facebook and Twitter

the tree of life

(Genesis 2,17)

You must not eat of the tree of knowledge of

good and evil.

Image 1 - Tree of Life

(Genesis 9,11)

Never again will there be a flood to destroy all life.

Image 2 - Rainbow Promise

(Genesis 11.4)

Come let us build ourselves a Tower that reaches the heaves

Image 3 - Hammer

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