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Balaam's Donkey - Kids Bible Activities

Balaam’s Donkey

Talking Donkey Puppet Bible Activity

God allowed Balaam’s donkey to speak. This shocked Balaam so much that he stopped to listen. Sometimes we get caught up in our own desires and forget to stop and listen to what God is telling us. This is a fun craft that will help you teach your children that we must remember to stop and listen to what God is telling us.


donkey template (included)

brass fastener (included)



crayons, markers, or paint


  1. Cut out the donkey cutouts on the following page.

  2. Have the children color the donkey.

  3. Cut the mouth on the dotted lines.

  4. Pierce the fastener through the bottom and top sections of the mouth.

Remind your children that we need to stop and talk to God.For more kids Bible activities, checkout our Bible activities page.

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