Balaam's Donkey - Kids Bible Activities

February 19, 2018

Balaam’s Donkey


Showers of Blessings Bible Activity

King Balaak wanted Balaam to curse God’s people, but God had Balaam to bless his people instead. God wants to bless us because he loves us.


In this kids Bible activity about Balaam's Donkey, the children will make a craft that will serve as a reminder of God’s many blessings in their lives.



white paper
blue paper
fishing line or yarn
cotton balls






1. Cut out a cloud shape from white construction paper.

2. Cut out large raindrop shapes from blue construction paper.

3. On each raindrop, write one thing the children are thankful for.

4. Cut many different lengths of fishing line.

5. Tape one raindrop to each piece of fishing line (or yarn).

6. Tape the other end of the fishing line to the cloud so your raindrops dangle from the cloud.

7. Glue cotton balls to your cloud.

8. Attach a loop for hanging

9. Talk to the children about God’s many blessings. Give thanks to God for his blessings.


This Bible Activity will remind the children that God wants to bless us.For more kids Bible activities, checkout our Bible activities page.




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