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Noah's Ark

This week your children will learn the story of Noah & the Ark.....

The story of Noah is amazing!  It includes a family, all the animals of the earth, a huge boat, a flood and why we have rainbows. It teaches the children that even though God had to get rid of the evil in the world, he still loves us. 


Don't forget to reiterate daily the story’s key concepts.

Key Concepts

God promised never to flood the whole earth again. 

God wanted to destroy sin, not people.

Noah’s obedience made God happy.




Memory Verse

This Bible Time memory verse is a fun way to help 

your child remember key scriptures about noah's ark.

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Story Time!

During your daily devotion,

read the story Aout Noah's Ark.

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Discussion Questions

What did God ask Noah to do?

Did Noah obey God’s instructions?

What promise did God make to Noah?

Use the button below to choose a prayer,

or come up with another prayer relating to

this week’s story.

Prayer Time!

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Rhyme Time!

This week’s rhyme time will help your children bring the story to life

in a fun way!

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Noah was obedient when God asked him to build an ark that would save him and his family.

Because of his obedience, Noah and his whole family were saved from the destruction of the flood.


The song that corresponds with the story of the week is: "Noah’s Arky, Arky"

You can do motions along with the song

to keep Your children engaged.

Song Time!

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Activity Time!

Below are some fun activities to do during the week or after church.....Try a few or do them all!

Activity 1

Fun With Water - Bible Activity

It rained for forty days and nights. There was so much water that the entire world was flooded. In this activity show the children different ways to have fun with water, such as splashing, spraying, pouring, or making bubbles. Remind the children that God wanted to destroy sin, not people.

Activity 2

Noah's Animal Pairs - Bible Game

God gave Noah the job of collecting two of every animal. Because Noah obeyed God, Noah and his whole family were saved. In this activity the children have fun matching up the animals for Noah’s ark.

Remind the children that Noah’s obedience made God happy.

Activity 3

Bible Coloring Page

Let your children enjoy coloring as you remind them of this week’s story.

Activity 4

God's Promise - Bible Craft 

After the flood God put a rainbow in the sky, representing his promise to Noah to never again

destroy the earth by flood. This craft reminds the children of God’s promise to never destroy

the earth by water again.

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