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Adam and Eve's Sin

This week your children will learn about Adam & Eve.....


God created a perfect world, free of sin. After being tempted, both Adam and Eve sinned. This sin changed our world forever. The story of Adam and Eve teaches children that God gives us rules with consequences for disobedience. They also learn he is a loving God who forgives us even when we sin.


Don't forget to reiterate daily, the story’s key concepts.

Story Time!

During your daily devotion read the story

about Adam and Eve.

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Discussion Questions

What was God’s one rule for Adam and Eve?

Did Adam and Eve obey God’s instructions?

What happened when Adam and Eve disobeyed God?

Key Concepts

There are consequences when we do not listen. 

God forgives us even when we sin.

We must obey Gods instructions.




This Bible Time memory verse is a fun way to help

your child remember key scriptures about adam & Eve 

Memory Verse

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Use the button below to choose a prayer,

or come up with another prayer relating to

this week’s story.

Prayer Time!

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Rhyme Time!

This week’s rhyme time will help your children bring the story to life

in a fun way!

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God asked Adam and Eve to obey one rule – do not eat from the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. Eve was tempted by a serpent in the garden which caused both Adam and Eve to sin. We must be careful of what we do because God sees everything.

The song that corresponds with the story of the week is:

"Be Careful Little Eyes What You See"


You can do motions along with the song

to keep the children engaged.

Song Time!

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Activity Time!

Below are some fun activities to do during the week or after church....Try a few or do them all!

Activity 1

Happy Face, Sad Face - Bible Craft

Adam and Eve did not obey God’s rules, so they had to

leave the garden.

But the story does not stop here. God forgave Adam and Eve and made a plan to save them. This activity helps children understand good and bad behaviors. Explain that even when we do sin, God will forgive us, because he loves us so much.

Activity 2

Obey the Sign - Bible Game

God gave Adam and Eve rules to find out if they would obey him. When we obey God, it shows him we love him and makes him happy.

In this activity the children play a fun game that teaches them to obey signs. After the activity tell the children that we must always obey God’s instructions. When we obey him, it makes God happy.

Activity 3

Bible Coloring Page

Let your children enjoy coloring as you remind them of this week’s story.

Activity 4

Hanging Snake - Bible Craft 

When Eve talked to the serpent, he convinced her to sin. After Adam and Eve sinned, the world was never the same. This craft reminds the children that there are consequences when we do not listen.

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