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The Tower of Babel

This week your children will learn the story of the Tower of Babel.....


This story teaches the children how important it is to live their lives according to God's rules and to be obedient to His commands. It teaches that it is more important to seek Gods favor than to make yourself look good before man. The children will learn that God wants us to praise him and not ourselves and he does not want us to think we are better than anyone.

They will also learn that we must build our life on God’s foundation.

Don't forget to reiterate daily, the story’s key concepts.

Story Time!

During your daily devotion read the story about

The Tower of Babel.

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Discussion Questions

What did the people of Babylonia build?

Why did they want to build the tower?

Did the Tower of Babel make God happy?

Key Concepts

God does not want us to think we are better than anyone.

We must build our life on God’s foundation.

God wants us to praise him not ourselves.




Memory Verse

This Bible Time memory verse is a fun way to help

your child remember key scriptures about the Tower of Babel 

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Prayer Time!

Use the button below to choose a prayer,

or come up with another prayer relating to

this week’s story.

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Rhyme Time!

This week’s rhyme time will help your children bring the story to life

in a fun way!

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Song Time!

The people of Babylonia built the Tower of Babel because they wanted to be important.

We need to remember that all of our worship belongs to God. We need to praise only him.

The song that corresponds with the story of the week is:

"Praise Him ‘Til the Sun Goes Down"

You can do motions along with the song to keep the children engaged.

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Activity Time!

Below are some fun activities to do during the week or after church.....Try a few or do them all!

Activity 1

Building Towers - Bible Activity

The Babylonian people built a tower to make a name for themselves. They were more focused on themselves than on God. In this activity the children build a great tower to honor God instead of honoring themselves. Remind your children that God wants us to praise him, not ourselves.

Activity 2

Build a Foundation on God - Bible Game

The Tower of Babel was built with the wrong intentions. Because the people had the wrong motives in their hearts, the Tower of Babel was never completed. This activity teaches the children what they need in order to build on the right foundation. Remind your children that we must build our lives on God’s foundation.

Activity 3

Bible Coloring Page

Let your children enjoy coloring as you remind them of this week’s story.

Activity 4

Building to Please God - Bible craft  

It took many tools to build the Tower of Babel. Unfortunately, the Babylonians did not have the tools needed to bring them close to God. This craft teaches your children which tools they can use to please God. Remind them that God does not want us to think we are better than anyone else.

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