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EPIC Ministry is a Bible-based, non-profit, Christian outreach ministry founded in Charlotte, NC in 2013.  Its members are from various backgrounds and all have the same ultimate goal: Salvation! Elevating People In Christ is what EPIC stands for - and that is its mission. EPIC Ministry seeks to show others who God is in word and in action. EPIC Ministry uses 100% of the donations it receives on on outreach projects. Some of these projects include:


Prophesy in Motion Donations – Prophesy in Motion sends FREE Books, Bible Studies and study materials to individuals and families who request the free information.

  • YWCA Basket Donations – EPIC Ministries builds baskets filled

with basic supplies and toiletries and donates them to the YWCA.

  • Local Organization Donations – EPIC Ministries donates supplies,

foods, gifts and other needs or requests to local schools, churches
and organizations.
EPIC Ministry continues to grow and wants those who support the ministry to experience this growth.  Check back to see what’s new with EPIC Ministry and to learn more!

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