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May Bible Time F-U-N Newsletter - Fun Facts and News you Can Use


Did you know the sanctuary God instructed Moses to build was to be a perfect illustration of the plan of salvation? God told Moses to build a sanctuary “that I may dwell with them.” The Israelites were newly out of Egypt and lacked the institutional knowledge of God, and how to worship him. They had lost sight of who the true God was and what their purpose was. As descendants of Abraham they were to be a light to the rest of the world. Because they had lost sight of Him, he desired to draw nearer to them. In this way they would open their hearts to the god that created them.


We are created in the image of God’s image. Being the image of something is not just about looks, the shape of your nose, size of your eyes, the color of your skin, but it is more so about your character. Does your behavior, thoughts and mindset reflect the one that created you. Our bodies are indeed God’s temple. He wants to dwell in your mind, by influencing what you think, with your permission. He wants to dwell in your hearts, by influencing your feelings and desires with your permission. He wants to dwell in your actions, but influences where you go and what you do, with your permission. Even in this God’s love is shown. He bought us at an unimaginable price, Jesus died to purchase our Salvation, God the Father allowed the death and supplied Jesus with all power for his perfect sacrifice. But even before all of that He owned us by creation. And yet, the Godhead still says, we will not take possession of you unless you permit us too. Such tender love. When we glorify God with our bodies, we will realize that we are at our happiest.


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