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Family Game Night Favorites - Five Fun and Easy Kids Christian Bible Games | Bible Time Fun

Bible Game Central. I was thrilled to discover this website. It was like the treasure chest at the end of the map. It has almost everything I can think of for Bible Time Fun! Literally. Everyone in the family has their favorite game. This takes game night to a whole new level. From Bible Pictionary to Bible Trivia or Parable Parade, it is all there for the most discerning of taste.

Think of what family time would be like with the best of games and still God-centered. And what a witnessing tool for friends and family who may not know the loving and fun God the way that you do. Introduce Him in a way that does not involve a sermon, lecture or Bible study. Those activities are important and definitely need to be included but we also need to have a way to encourage relationships and these games provide just that.

Here are some of our family’s favorites!

1. Bible Pictionary for Kids: When my kids are in a mood to draw, I try to sneak in a game of Bible Pictionary. Go to Bible Games Central for Kids Bible Pictionary with easier words and phrases from popular children's Bible stories. It's great for hours of Bible game fun!

2. Bible Charades for Kids: Bible Games Central also has Kids Bible Charades which feature easier phases and helpful hints for children. It's a fun way to learn popular Bible stories.

3.Parable Parade: This game has become my girl's favorite. Parable Parade combines strategy and fun! The best part is it teaches young children popular parables in the Bible.

4. Bible Bingo: Who doesn't love BINGO? This fun and simple Bible BINGO game has helped my girls become familiar with the books of the Bible. There's also a Christmas version of the game that's equally fun!

5. Bible Memory Game: We love playing the game Memory! It's usually our go-to game for simple fun. The Kids Bible Memory Game makes memorizing the books of the Bible lots of fun!

Check out for some of the coolest games to introduce God into your family fun time. They have a huge catalog of FREE games! And if you're looking for FREE Super Fun Christmas Games like Christmas Trivia, Christmas Charades, or even Christmas Word Searches, they have it all!

What are your favorite family Bible games? Please share them in the comments below!

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